Since 25 days Mathilda is with me. Or she is with us.

Since 25 days my life has changed.

Since 25 days I experienced heaven and hell.

Since 25 days I’m forever in love.


The facts:

Being five month pregnant my husband and I moved to Brussels, Belgium last September. My pregnancy has been very smooth and friendly until end of october as I was diagnosed with a short cervix and was ordered bedrest for the next months. Also I had some recurring bleedings. Than I developed some serious itchiness and was admitted to hospital: Cholastasis. There I stayed for about two weeks. And to make it extra interesting I had to stay there over Christmas (positive: my room had a nice view on the Atomium, hot meals directly delievered to your bed, excellent nurses and doctors.). After I was released end of December my baby and me were followed very closely. Monitoring and blood control twice a week at the hospital. So everything went fine for the next four weeks. And arriving on an innocent friday with good spirit at the hospital for routine check ups my doctor said:  The blood results are bad again. Let’s have a cesarean on monday.


So Mathilda was born 4 weeks early. She had to stay at Neonatology because of low blood sugar. But now she is stable and at home with me. And I’m sorry to tell all the other mothers: she’s the sweetest girl on this planet.