I love my little mothersucker. The only problem is me. I don’t have enough milk. So I’m feeding artificial milk as a top on. This really sucks.

Last week I followed the strict rules of boob camp by my midwife. Nursing Mathilda (15-20min), than using the milk pump (20 mins). Mathilda always falls asleep at my breasts. So I had to wake her up by changing her nappy (10 min). Than the top on which also takes a long time because she really takes her time to burb (ca. 60 min). Additionally you are supposed to eat healthy stuff (cooking time: 1 hour. Realtime: 5 mins)  do the laundry (15mins without ironing), relax (0 mins), exercise (0 min.) shower (5 mins) and take some baby-and-me-time (at least 3 hours, Mathilda likes to be carried around and sleeps in my arms). So the last week was hard core. And without success. My lactation hasn’t improved.

So gimme a break and leave me alone with all that perfect-motherhood-stuff.