Ohoh. Someone has not very much discipline. I can’t believe it’s already five weeks into the new year. And Mathilda is starting a whole new year next week. I can’t believe that she is now with us one year. It feels like yesterday I gave birth.

Party preparations are in full swing. There will be handmade buntings and last minute decorations, homemade cakes and legal mum drugs.

Last week we visited the new organic Färm shop at Place St Catherine. Impressive selection but a bit on the expensive side. The shop is in an old covered market and you can still see the original details indoor. Of course I forgot my camera. But I have to come back for more exploration of the quartier. I also like the church, Église du-Béguinage, at the plaza with the same name. There’s also a nice looking Amèlie-style restaurant with red/white gingham tablecloth (attention:  cliché-alarm). Which reminds me also at this place around the corner, La Tentation (Rue Laeken) where we went for a nice little vintage market with free swing dancing lessons before christmas.