Since Mathilda was born we grew quite familiar with hospitals and doctors. Every four months we have to check the eye pressure. For this we go to the Reine Fabiola Hospital for Children here in Brussels-Jette. It’s always a daytrip because it involves travelling to the other side of the city, waiting, experiencing belgian bureaucray (which includes more watiting) and a screaming Mathilda. The examination is on the open eye and with Mathilda getting older it is no longer possible to persuade her holding her head still so that a doctor can look into her eyes.

So this time it was extra hard. Today it took three adults ( us and one doctor) to hold her lying still on her back on a bench and an expert to measure the eye pressure with a Frankensteinish instrument. She screamed like hell. And I cried to. This is the last time we do it this way. It’s not good for Mathilda nor for us at a parent. Luckily the results were negative.

Afterwards we treated ourselves with a waffles at the hospital bistro. Needless to say it consisted of 1000% sugar. But Mathilda liked it. The orange colour is from her eye drops.