The last 10 days I spent in Germany. Mathilda and I toured the south of Germany to meet friends and family. We stayed at my parents at Tübingen which is a romantic university town with retro feeling. Hippies and incense sticks included. It reminded me of my own student days. Years, no, wait, decades ago.




Compared to Bruxelles the  whole city was covered with children. A lot of fathers with their little ones on the playground, mothers breastfeeding at cafes and lovely toy shops. Felt like an oasis for children.

Mathilda ate her first Spätzle, the national dish of  the south of Germany. Apparently she liked eating proper food so much that she now is growing her first tooth.  Pommes de frites and Brezels watch out!


My culinary treat was a Cronut. Not very typical. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some a local bakery. To my disappointment  it was very greasy. I don’t understand the fuss about it. It tasted like fried butter.



Traveling by plane was easy peasy with M. No crying and no ear pain. The flight to Stuttgart took only about an hour and you are allowed to take a stroller or a car seat for free. Only the other passengers – male ones – proofed to be quite ignorant. Nobody helped me with my luggage in the plane or made room for me. They only starred at us. Here in Bruxelles I always get offered a seat at the tram and got help when entering the bus with the pram.