I’m still in the process of getting over all the beauty I saw yesterday. As it was a warm and sunny day here in Brussels I decided to check out the Van Buuren Museum, a lovely house with original interiors dating from the 1920s onwards and with an intimate picture collection. Outside you find an enchanting garden including a maze, a rose garden, an english landscape garden, a river, green lawns, to name but a few features. I was thrilled and bought instantly an annual members card for 50 Euro – normally the visit is 10 Euro – which allows you to visit the garden and the house as often as you want. You bet I will be there with M on a daily basis.

The historic  interior is superb. And with a little imagination you have the feeling you are a guest at the Van Buurens and they will pop in any moment to say hello. Astonishingly the house is not crowed with visitors and you can wander around on yourself pretending your back in the 1920s. A perfect time machine.

I’m a sucker for historic interiors but I have not been to the Horta House here in Brussels. To be honest all the tourist queueing up at the entrance made be turn away.