The late summer sun and the early autumn cold marks my favourite season: autumn. It’s still warm but kind of velvety and cold enough to wear cosy woolen wear. This sunday the weather was perfect for an amazing outing: the garden days at Abbaye d’Aywiers at Lasne.

After a 30 min drive south of Brussels and passing by a lot of almost bucolic sceneries like cows lying  in a green hilly countryside it’s hard to believe that Brussels is so close by and that the city is actually surrounded by idylic landscape. Fête des Plantes et du Jardin  takes time twice a year at the Abbaye D’Aywiers. The garden of the Abbaye is lovely and very informal. Like a big farmyard with an orchard complete with sheep. Nature wore it’s brightest colours and celebrated the last late summer days (Sorry, for trying to be poetic).  We were early and wandered around the estate, bought marmelade and some plants at one of the numerous stalls, saw a lot of french looking belgian men wearing floral shirts and wellies and took (numerous) pictures when Mathilda picked her first apple. For a garden and plant aficionados it must be heaven.

Already marked for next year in my calendar: May 2014 when the next flower & plant market will be taking place. Bring you wellies.